Welcome to the Villa

The stylish Villa, dating from 1934, affords grand views over Lake Constance and the Alps beyond since it is situated in an elevated position overlooking the nearby town of Friedrichshafen. Popular not only with connoisseurs of architecture, the Bauhaus style, emphasizing clean lines and functionality, is most attractively realised in the Villa. The atmosphere here is one of generosity and friendliness. Once inside, one feels comfortably at home right away. Certainly it depends on the motto of this house: “The smile that you send, will turn back to you”. All over, the Villa has been sumptuously appointed; the dedicated attention to detail everywhere demonstrates a very personal style.

Surrounding the Villa are three acres of garden featuring a well-tended lawn and a stand of ancient trees. The Villa aims to please its guests by adopting the ideas that guide the best of traditional British guesthouses: a place where you can forget your everyday worries and let the spirit run free.

When the sun is out and the air is balmy why not have your breakfast out in the garden, by the pond or on your private balcony?

Feel a bit more active? Rent a bike, play darts, table tennis or boules at your leisure, it’s all available. Be transplanted to your very own island paradise and enjoy it to the fullest. Should you wish to temporarily emerge from your island, the sights and attractions of Friedrichshafen and beyond are within easy reach by car or public transport. Popular spots such as Meersburg, Lindau or Constance are practically just around the corner.

We are very much looking forward to your visit
Kerstin and Jürgen Schmid